Every knit tie tells a story


Based and run in Harvard Square, Old College Ties seeks to instill quality and style into a world where finding both is hard. Over the years, Old College Ties has helped outfit all sorts of organizations from crew teams to local schools. We seek to make each knit tie with a passion and flair for the extraordinary. 

Thus, whether it be with your rugged white oxford shirt or navy blazer, every tie brings out life's exceptional moments. Your knit ties can be personalized with the colors of your team, school, or club but can also be made into anything your heart desires - the possibilities are endless. Combined with the spirit of our New England proud brand, we hope to tell both our story and yours through these ties.

Craft your unique tie


Handmade in a family-owned fabric mill based in Como, Italy, each tie is made with quality and care. With hundreds of possible texture, pattern, and color combinations, a fully bespoke tie exists for any group or occasion. Additionally, we offer many different fabric choices ranging from silk to wool.

For a minimum order of 20 ties, beginning at $50 per tie, you can join the select group of clubs and teams that pride themselves with their Old College Ties. From helping bring out your team's spirit to adding some new flair into your daily kit, Old College Ties will serve you for any purpose and can be passed down from generation to generation, keeping the legacy alive.