What if I want a pattern or color I don't find here?

Old College Ties' factory has thousands of other patterns and additional colors. Our website is only a snapshot of the breadth of options available. We will be happy to work with you and help you find the one you want, or design a new pattern of your own. Please book an appointment to learn more.

Can I have a special or commemorative label?

Yes, Old College Ties can provide your tie with a commemorative label that includes your team or club's name or, when possible, artwork such as a logo.

Can I add a logo to my ties?

Yes, you can have your organization's crest or logo embroidered on your ties.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Twenty ties is the minimum order for a single design. The factory must set up for each design and color combination, which has significant overhead costs.

How are the ties shipped?

Ties are shipped internationally by courier directly to you. Please email us or book an appointment for a quotation based on distance and time.

How long does it take?

For manufacturing and delivery, allow 4 to 6 weeks. This is a traditional factory and a busy one; quality products take time to make!

Which is better, silk or cotton?

Each one has its own features. Silk is dressier and slightly more durable. The overall effect of silk is glossier than cotton and colors are more subtle. Cotton ties are younger and sportier; the colors are brighter and bolder. Silk is slightly more durable, though both materials make ties that will be enjoyed into the next generation.

Why are these ties more expensive than some I have seen for sale?

These ties are produced in small quantities in Italy by skilled labor using the finest materials. Old College Ties does not use child or illegal labor.

How do I take care of my tie?

Dry cleaning is safest. Although ties can be washed by hand, Old College Ties accepts no responsibility for disappointing results of washing in water.

Do ties only come in silk and cotton?

No! Old College Ties can be made in wool and cashmere too. Wool offers a crisp look and takes colors beautifully. Cashmere is a softer material with a more opulent look and feel.